Good marketing is half work

Marketing is a very important factor when you want to become a succesfull independent. We have over 10 years of experience in the most difficult markets in various area's in Europe and even worldwide in country's such as Dubai and more. Apart from just an advertisement it's more then that and takes a well crafted profiling on the internet to make your agenda become stacked with bookings. We always recommend going for the real deal, no misleading advertisements or photo's in that case, and present yourself as who you truely are in your services as a independent in Portugal. It should be said that finding a perfect balance in between the escort scene and having a normal, daily life is possible. You dont need to have all the clients out there. If you are confident with a few dates a week, then stick to that plan. This ensures that you can provide good quality as a escort companion. We've seen girls who work too many hours like they are on a assembly line but that is not the goal you should be chasing.

At the end of the day, imagine being in the shoes of a client, wanting to meet and be with a real companion. And the expectation that one can have. Try to furfill this and you will see that you can gain alot of pleasure and excitement from these type's of dates. It's not advised to stick for too long in this business either. There's a reason for that and working for too long can cause irreversible changes in your personality. We know this because it's proved by social science. We recommend setting a goal, archieving that goal and leave with a smile. This is the best approach in becoming a succesfull escort in anywhere of the world and to be able to close this chapter as well in a good way. Please take into account that you should remain discrete when working as a escort. Most clients always tend to get more then just a regular date. We've seen this throughout the years being active in this business. Good advise is half work. For questions please see contact.